Medieval Madness Pinball Machine Review

Medieval Madness has to be one of the few pinball games ever created that has a universal draw. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro or novice, young or old, man or woman, you WILL have fun playing this game.

It has incredible effects, especially with the exploding castle. It has some of the most hilarious audio on a pinball game ever. It’s a straight forward in, but with its satisfying gameplay it all ads up an incredible pinball game. Pinball for sale

I always catch myself repeating most of the funny lines while I’m playing the game. It sticks with you long after the game is over. You’ll find yourself muttering the lines in the shower. Medieval Madness also has really beautiful artwork. The design of the drawbridge and castle are nothing short of inspiring was great. Defeating each of the castle lords is a very rewarding feeling.

If there is one slam on the game its that, mechanically, it’s a delicate machine and I’ve played over ten different games and each one of them has had at least one hiccup, such as when you hit the trolls sometimes you don’t score any points as well as the castle gate not operating correctly.

Beginner pinball players will find it easy to get into and forgiving enough to keep on playing it. The expert players will find it thoroughly enjoyable. I have met people who couldn’t stand pinball games but they just seem to really dig this game. If you’re a pro, you’re probably not going to find it too challenging but that’s you’ll have so much fun with it, you won’t even care

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